Hindus murdered by Islamists in Sindh, Pakistan

Hindus murdered by Islamists in Sindh, Pakistan

December 24, 2011 : Four Hindu doctors were murdered on the first day of Eid, the Islamic religious festival, in mid November of this year, according to The Chakra. The doctors, Naresh Kumar, Ajeet Kumar, Ashok Kumar and Satyapal, were targeted simply because they were Hindus, regarded as an underclass of people. The doctors — who were all respected in their profession — were well known for helping poor Hindus in the region, and ensuring that they received proper medical treatment.

Citizens for Democracy says that all faiths have lived peacefully in Sindh for generations, and calls the murders “a conspiracy to divide Sindhis into sects and groups, and force Hindus to leave their motherland Sindh.”

According to The Chakra,

The CFD further stated that women have been primary victims to the faith-based crimes against Hindus in Sindh. Women have been abducted, raped, forced to convert and marry their abductors. They have given no choice but to obey their abductors as a result of threats given to kill their loved ones.

Overtime a type of ethnic cleansing is taking place and in the most direct way possible, yet a Hindu is not able to stand up for their rights in the country due to the institutionalized racism, discrimination and mistreatment of the minority population. More and more Hindus are emigrating out of the country, leaving their homes and belongings behind in the midst of escaping.


In the statement made by the CFD, they emphasized that many Muslims in Pakistan are driven by contempt for the Hindu religion and further encouraged by the legal system that supports their hatred. The legal system in Pakistan either creates their laws to go against the interests of minority Hindus or they turn the other cheek when it comes to aiding Hindus in need of service and security.


Source : https://www.peopleofshambhala.com