History of the Persecution of Baha’is in Iran

Since the beginning of the Bahá’í Faith in Iran in the mid-1800s, the followers of this peaceful religion have been persecuted in the land of its birth. Bahá’ís in Iran are prevented from gaining access to employment and education; their homes, businesses and cemeteries may be vandalized or destroyed; and they are the victims of an ongoing anti-Bahá’í campaign in government controlled media — all this and more as a result of official government policy. In this 2 part special, we speak to several Bahá’ís with direct experience of this persecution. Learn the history and hear why thousands of law-abiding Bahá’ís continue to suffer at the hands of their own government. You will also learn how you can help to bring an end to this unjust situation for the Bahá’ís in Iran. For more information, please visit: bic.org