Kashmir Hindus protest against attacks

Kashmir Hindus protest against attacks

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 : “Dharma protects its protector,” according to the slogan of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (Hindu World Council). And it’s a good thing, too. On Friday the VHP and Bajrang Dal held a protest in the capital city against attacks on Hindus in Jammu & Kashmir.

According to the Pakistani tabloid The Pioneer the group alleges that “terror groups are terrorizing Hindus living in the border districts of the state.”

VHP state Media chief Vinod Bansal accused the Jammu & Kashmir authorities of turning a blind eye to violence perpetrated against Hindus. The VHP also says that police have arrested innocent Hindus in order to protect terrorists.

Bansal said, “Today we burn effigy of the state Governor to protest against his repeated interference in Hindus religious affairs by curtailing Amaranath Yatra duration and not protecting life and property of Hindus living in border areas.”

Thousands of Muslims staged their own demonstration, against the VHP, which they accuse of being “right wing.” Kashmir Watch says that “The protesters chanting pro-Islam slogans were demanding arrest and punishment for the VHP International President, Praveen Togadia, who delivered a provocative anti-Muslim speech during hisvisit to the district early this week.”

Imam, Jamia Masjid, Thanamandi “demanded immediate arrest, and punishment for the VHP President for hurting the sentiments of Muslim community.”


Source : https://www.peopleofshambhala.com