Mumbai police arrest young Muslim man in acid attack on Hindu girl

Mumbai police arrest young Muslim man in acid attack on Hindu girl

February 4, 2012 : Railway police in northwest Mumbia arrested a male youth after hew threw acid on a a young woman’s face at a suburban railway station on Tuesday.

“The accused, identified as Pintoo Sheikh, has been arrested by the railway police. He had thrown acid on the victim, identified as Aarti Thakur, at Goregaon railway station yesterday,” an officer at the Borivli Railway Police Station is reported as saying.

The incident occurred just before 7 p.m. on Tuesday when Aarti was talking on her cellphone at the railway station. She was on her way home from work. Sheikh approached her and apparently threw the acid at her without warning. Aarti was admitted to a private hospital for treatment. She has 15-20% burns.

Acid attacks against women are a brutal, but common form of violence, used by Muslim extremists against women and girls. Such attacks have taken place in numerous countries, including some Western states. The Muslim extremist men that have attacked women with acid usually do so because the women or girl refuses to go on a date with them, or to marry them. Girls in Afghanistan have been attacked with acid for simply going to school.

The Indo Asian News Service reports that the young man in the Mumbai case has been charged with attempted murder.


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