Pakistani officer violated women and forcibly converted Hindus to Islam

Pakistani officer violated women and forcibly converted Hindus to Islam

A freedom fighter told the International Crimes Tribunal Thursday that Jamaat leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee had assisted Pakistani army in violating women and converting 50 to 60 Hindu people to Islam in Pirojpur during the 1971 Liberation War.

Unable to accept the insult, some “converts” of Parer Haat area in Pirojpur fled to India, Ruhul Amin Nabin said while testifying before the ICT in connection with charges of crimes against humanity Sayedee is now facing.

Second prosecution witness Nabin informed the tribunal that some Hindu people who fled to India returned to Bangladesh after independence and were following their own religion, Hinduism.

Like the first prosecution witness, Nabin also brought allegations against Sayedee of assisting Pakistan occupation forces to loot valuables of Awami League people, freedom fighters and Hindu community and to set fire to their houses at Parer Haat in Pirojpur during the Liberation War.

On conclusion of his deposition, the ICT fixed Sunday for cross-examination of first witness Mahabubul Alam Hawlader and Nabin by the defence.

The ICT, which is dealing with the crimes committed during the country’s independence struggle 40 years ago, started recording statements of prosecution witnesses against Sayedee Wednesday.

The three judges’ panel led by its Chairman Nizamul Huq resumed recording the witness’ depositions around 10:30am in presence of Sayedee.

Sayedee, now 71 years old, is the first among the seven accused of war crimes during the Liberation War with 20 specific charges brought against him on October 3. A total of 68 prosecution witnesses are supposed to give their depositions in the case.


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