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Pakistani politician forced 20 Hindu girls to convert to Islam and marry Muslim men

March 9, 2012 : Member of the National Assembly (MNA) Mian Mitto has forced 20 Hindu girls in in the province of Sindh to convert to Islam and marry Muslim men, according to the Pakistan Sikh Youth Council (PSYC).

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday PSYC chairman Radesh Singh Tony alleged that “More than 80 Hindu families have already migrated to India” because of the actions of MNA Mitto, “who has tried to compel many Hindu girls to covert them to Islam.”

Forced conversions of Hindu girls occur regularly in Pakistan, especially in Sindh, where the majority of Pakistani Hindus live. Girls are usually abducted by gangs, assaulted, and forced to convert before being married to a local Muslim man.

Some Hindu rights groups refer to this practice as “rape Jihad” since it is intended, in part, to terrorize and subjugate non-Muslims.

Speaking about the case of Rinkal Kumari, Mr. Tony said that she was forced to convert to Islam and then married off to the son of the MNA Mirpur Mathelo.


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