Appeal to Government of Bangladesh for safety of Hindus Refugees from Myanmar

A delegation of HRDI today met the Deputy High Commissioner of the Bangladesh High Commission, Mr. Rokebul Haque at Delhi.

The delegation consisted of Justice (Retd.) M.C. Garg, Advocate Rajesh Gogna, Secretary General (HRDI), Prof Bidyut Chakrabarty and Advocate Rijul Singh Uppal gave a representation on the safety of Hindu refugees from Myanmar and requested the Government of Bangladesh to create safe zones for the Hindu refugees from Myanmar as they are in very small numbers and have become soft targets for the Rohingya Muslims present in these camps in larger numbers.

The Deputy High Commissioner assured the delegation that the Government of Bangladesh is taking steps to locate the Hindus and that the Government of Bangladesh will take all necessary steps to ensure that no atrocities are allowed to take place on the Hindus.