British Islamist launches anti-Hindu Shariah4India group

British Islamist launches anti-Hindu Shariah4India group

February 10, 2012 : Anjem Choudary, a British Islamist who described himself as “in the camp” of Osama bin Laden, has founded Shariah4Hind (India). Choudary has headed several radical Islamist organizations in Britain, including Islam4UK. All of these organizations were proscribed by the UK Government in 2010. However, despite swearing allegiance to Osama bin Laden on CNN, he has been able to continue his propaganda activities with virtual impunity.

Choudary’s new website comes in the wake of a failed coup in Bangladesh, one of India’s neighbors, by members of the radical pan-Islamic party Hizb ut Tahrir, as well as a successful coup in the nearby republic of the Maldives.

On the Shariah4Hind website (, the people behind it say that they are calling the region back to the “period under the divine [i.e., Islamic] law […]. This involves a call for all those in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to come out of the darkness of man made law […]” and to sharia.

Another page on the website, entitled “the need for Muslim rule in India,” says that there is broad consensus among Muslim clerics that “it is not permitted for non-Muslims to have authority over Muslims.”

In its press release, Shariah4Hind says “the time is rife today to make the shari’ah sweep across India and insha’allah from there to the whole world. Let us take a lesson from the Arab spring and rise up against the tyrants in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. But let us not make the mistake of calling for the false idols of democracy and freedom but rather the truth of Islam and the Khilafah [Caliphate].”

Ron Banerjee of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy group has previously told People of Shambhala that “Islam was introduced into the Asian subcontinent with the objective of occupying and exterminating the Hindus.” He noted that historian William Durant believed that about “80 million Hindus were killed, were slaughtered, and thousands and thousands of Hindu temples were smashed, and mosques were built on top of them [during the centuries of Muslim rule]. The Muslims of India tried very hard over the period of their 700 years [of occupation] to wipe out the Hindus. But there was resistance from some of the Hindu kingdoms. They never had full control over India so they were unable to achieve that goal. But that’s the eternal goal. According to Islam, Hinduism is the lowest form of life on the planet. Because Hindus, according to them, they’re polytheistic, they believe in multiple gods. They believe we worship idols, and idol worship is a sin in Islam.”

Shariha4Hind sees Islamic law penetrating well beyond India, which it would use as a launch pad to spread into China and other neighboring states. “[A]ll non-Muslims will be given the Zimmi [“protected” but second class] status,” says the press release, “where their life and wealth will be protected in return for obeying the divine law of the land who will never be asked to be part of the Muslim armies whose job it will be to expand the frontiers of the Islamic State (into China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc…) and protect it from its enemies.”

“With a united Indian sub-continent and with the annexation of the Muslims around it from China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc… we will have united together over a billion Muslims, creating a superpower unparallel in the world,” the press release continues. “It being obliged for every mature, sane and capable Muslim man to be part of the armies of Jihad, this will be the beginning of the end of man made law on the Earth insha’allah and could fulfil the prophecy of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) i.e. Izhar ud-Deen, the complete domination of the world by Islam.”

Choudary also calls “upon all the serious Islamic movements and scholars to support this call, especially their physical support on the streets with the Muslims masses insha’allah.”

At the bottom of the press release “Sheikh Anjem Choudary, Manager of the Shariah Court of the UK and former spokesman for Al-Muhajiroun” is listed as a contact. According to the Center for Social Cohesion, “one in seven Islamist-related convictions in the last decade have had links with the extremist group [AL-Muhairoun]” [pdf].

Choudary is also the first person featured in the media section. Omar Bakri Muhammad is also listed on the site, as an apparent founder. Muhammed left Britain in 2005, and sort refuge in Lebanon, fearing that he was about to be investigated by the British authorities for alleged involvement in financing terrorist organizations.

Troublingly, Shariah4Hind calls “upon all Muslims to rise on the 3rd of March 2012 (the 88th anniversary of the destruction of the last Islamic State) in New Dehli [Urdu for Delhi] in a public demonstration and demand what is rightfully theirs i.e. the authority, to establish the Khilafah and rule by the [sharia] laws of God alone.”

The British Government has consistently put its own citizens at risk by allowing preachers of hate to go unchallenged. Now Islamists in the UK are threatening those abroad. The call for “the armies of Jihad” in combination with the call for “physical support” for Shariah4Hind’s objectives would appear to be in violation of the UK’s stringent hate speech laws. Do the British authorities wish to put the citizens of Indian and other nation states in Asia at risk of violence whipped up by one of their citizens, and within their borders? Or will they investigate this incitement to violence to the fullest extent?


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