Hindu girl says conversion to Islam was voluntary, as police stand guard

Hindu girl says conversion to Islam was voluntary, as police stand guard

March 14, 2012 : For a newly-wed that has allegedly embraced Islam of her own free will Rinkle Kumari, 18, looked strangely unhappy as she spoke before the Karachi Press Club today.

To say the proceedings were unusual would be an understatement. Kumari was unable to answer journalists’ questions. During the conference she was also passed notes by two people who said they were from an Islamic organization. And she acknowledged that she had never met her husband before marrying him — at that point the conference was abruptly ended.

Her parents allege that Kumari was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam, and married to a Muslim man against her will.

Abdul Haq (alias Mian Mitthu), a Member of the National Assembly, has been accused of orchestrating the kidnapping. And police appeared to stand guard during the press conference. A police escort also waited outside.

Visibly shaking, Kumari told the conference: “My name is Syeda Faryal Bibi, I have embraced Islam without any force and have married Syed Naveed Shah of my own free will. Earlier my name was Rinkle Kumari.”

Two bearded men, who said they were from Dargah Bharchundi Sharif, kept passing notes to Kumari, as if supplying her with the answers she was to recite.

Kumari claimed she had studied Islam, watching television shows and reading books on Islam, and had decided to convert only after that. However, asked if she could recite any Koranic sura and explain its meaning she was unable to do so.

When journalists asked how long she had known her husband, Mr. Naveed Shah, according to Dawn.com, Kumari said she “did not know him [and] had never met him earlier” than the wedding. Two men then approached Kumari, grabbed her by the arms, and took her away, announcing that the conference was ended. They then bundled her into a car and drove away with the police escort.


Source : https://www.peopleofshambhala.com