HRD Committee MP Khalil Al-Saleh on Kuwait’s “demographic imbalance”

HRD Committee MP Khalil Al-Saleh on Kuwait’s “demographic imbalance”

The head of the Human Resources Development Committee MP Khalil Al-Saleh called on the government to comply with its promises and submit the report on addressing the imbalance in the demographic composition of the National Assembly within the deadline set by the committee, stressing that the committee will submit the report that it prepared to the National Assembly for decision if the government does not submit its report within the deadline Selected. 

Al-Saleh said in a press statement in the National Assembly today that the Human Resources Committee has set a time period for the government to submit its report on addressing the demographic makeup, but the committee at its meeting yesterday was surprised that the government was not ready to submit its report. 

Al-Saleh stressed that the Human Resources Development Committee will not wait long and will submit its report to the National Assembly after taking all the proposals submitted in the coming days, calling on the government to urgently finish its report and submit it to the Council before the deadline for it expires.  

Al-Saleh pointed out that the National Committee, which was formed to amend the demographics, is five years old, and there is nothing achieved in its work, pointing out that the (Corona) crisis revealed to us the disadvantages of this demographic makeup, in which the proportion of immigrants reached 70 percent and Kuwaitis 30 percent.

Al-Saleh addressed a message to the government that it is necessary to investigate the reasons that led to a rise in the number of expatriates, especially the group that does not have higher qualifications, which numbered more than 800 thousand arrivals, stressing that silence on this matter will lead us to a dark and unknown future. 

Courtesy: Kuwait National Assembly–171790