Immigrants in Malaysia urged to bring cases to tribunal

Immigrants in Malaysia urged to bring cases to tribunal

Legal foreign workers and illegal immigrants, including Indians, who paid hefty charges for registration under the 6P amnesty programme have been urged to file their cases with the consumer tribunal to get back the excess money.

Announcing this relief scheme, Pretam Singh Darshan Singh, a former tribunal chief, said that thousands of illegal immigrants had paid more than the requisite amount under the 6P amnesty programme.

In an interview to Bernama, Pretam said: ” Those who have been charged more than what is necessary could file a case under the consumer tribunal. The laws relating to exorbitant registration charges comes under misleading conduct, false representation and unfair practice.”

P in 6P programme stands for six Malay words beginning with the letter that means registration, legalisation, amnesty, supervision, enforcement and deportation.

The Malaysian government has fixed 35 ringgit (Rs. 400)Â as a maximum rate for registration of illegal immigrants through 348 appointed managing companies or agents.

The Home Ministry’s registration exercise for illegal immigrants which started on July 13 and ended on Wednesday had registered over 2.5 million foreign workers. Out of it, 1.6 million were legal foreign workers while the rest (about 900,000) were illegals.