Indians Express Concern over Pakistani Rights Violation

Indians Express Concern over Pakistani Rights Violation

A Hindu American Foundation delegation has conveyed its interests against the supposed civil rights violation of the Hindu Sindhi community’s minority in Pakistan.

The HAF is a group of Hindu-Americans advocating in support of the Hindu community. Dr. Aseem Shukla, a University of Minnesota’s urologic surgery professor, is among the co-initiators of the foundation.

The HAF also has worked with other institutions such as the American Jewish Committee in order to counter partialities over Jews and Hindus in college universities including Stanford University.

The delegation of the Hindu American Foundation throughout its assembly with the officials of the Pakistan Embassy projected to send a Hindi-American physicians group on a direct basis to provide medical supplies and support particularly to Sindh region’s natives in Pakistan.

Arvind Chandrakantan of the Hindu American Foundation said that the Hindu Sindhi people in Pakistan require unique rehabilitive, psychological and dietary needs.

Arvind Chandrakantan added that the Hindu American Foundation honestly think that a medical group with combined capability in an array of medical sub-fortes can provide, evaluate medical attention, as well as aid organize the future necessities of the Hindu Sindhi community.

The delegation of the HAF also gave a publication of the recent edition of the report about human rights of the Hindu American Foundation entitled “Hindus in South Asia and the Diaspora: a Survey of Human Rights 2009”.

Professor Ramesh Rao, the human rights coordinator of the Hindu American Foundation, listed four primary issues constantly brought up in its yearly report including:

• Rape and abduction of young Hindu girls and women who might afterward be compulsorily converted or wedded to Muslim males

• Blasphemy regulations aimed at members of the minority

• The addition of religious characteristics in the passports of Pakistan

• Bonded employment in the province of Sindh that most influenced destitute Hindus


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