Let’s talk Human Rights – Roberto Ricci

Driven by conviction, Roberto Ricci, is a Human Rights defender, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in conflict situation. Similar to a war correspondent – he has been at the frontlines – witnessing Human Rights violations in conflict situations in many countries. He heads the UN Human Rights Emergency Response Section. In this episode of Let’s Talk human Rights, Roberto, breaks down the role of human rights defenders’ presences in conflict situations. He emphasis the centrality of the UN in conflict situations, saying, “when there is a conflict there is all of a sudden, a complete loss of confidence between the people and authorities and between people and fighting elements. “It is all about confidence building, being able to monitor what happens on the ground, being able to be foot on the ground, in talking to people and understanding what their fears are.” Watch the next episode in our “Let’s Talk Human Rights Series” to see how we impact lives and institute early warning systems to avert human rights violations.