‘Moderate, modern’ Malaysia update: Hindu temple assaulted, destroyed by sledgehammer-wielding police

‘Moderate, modern’ Malaysia update: Hindu temple assaulted, destroyed by sledgehammer-wielding police

Longtime readers of Jihad Watch will be familiar with Malaysia’s lengthy and ignominious history of demolishing non Muslim houses of worship (see here and here) under a whole gamut of spurious pretexts.

In this latest incident, note the highly personal manner in which this particular temple was destroyed — Malaysian police officers (who were almost certainly Muslim) attacked this particular temple with sledgehammers and personally smashed statues of Hindu deities. The violence and destruction does not make sense unless one acknowledges the Malaysian government’s (not-so-well) hidden agenda of Islamic supremacy.

Imagine the outcry that would result if a Western or non Muslim country demolished a Muslim house of worship. The professional international ‘human rights’ community and the Western media machine would be in an immediate uproar, and would demand answers for this sort of gross violation of human rights, decency, etc. But as this was yet another Hindu temple deliberately destroyed by a Muslim-controlled government, those voices will be silent.

From “HRP decries ‘ruthless’ razing of temple”, by B Nantha Kumar, Free Malaysia Today, 25 November 2011:

SHAH ALAM: The Human Rights Party (HRP) has denounced yesterday’s demolishment of a Hindu temple in Glenmarie and demanded from the Selangor government an acre of land for a new temple.

S Thiagarajan, a pro-tem central executive committee member of the party, said Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim must take “full responsibility” for the violation of the Sri Muneswarar Temple by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) and make amends by granting the acre of land.

He said he learned of the destruction when a local resident telephoned him while it was going on. The caller told him 30 police and MBSA officers were using sledgehammers to carry out the demolition.

“A Malay haji sprinkled something around the shrine and then some 10 uniformed enforcement officers started the ruthless act,” he told FMT.

He added that six Hindu deities were smashed into pieces.

“The Hindu devotees there could not stop the bloodletting; they were blocked by policemen,” he said.

“This is a clear cut case of the city council violating Article 11 of the Federal Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion, and Article 8, which provides of equality before the law and equal protection before the law.

“We demand that the state government allocate one acre of land to the temple committee to build a new temple.”

He also said the state should grant permanent land titles for all Hindu temples in Selangor so that “such flagrant acts of transgression” would not recur.

Source – Jihad Watch