Muslim Syndicates forcefully grabbing Hindu Temples, Trusts and Shrines in Bangladesh.

Muslim Syndicates forcefully grabbing Hindu Temples, Trusts and Shrines in Bangladesh.

HE NEWS DESK DHAKA || 15th January, 2012 :: A big protest and a huge human chain were conducted by the minority Bangladshi Hindus today on 15th January, 2012 on the very day of Makar Sankranti festival in protest of land grabbing over the Hindu occupation, especially from the Hindu religious sites all over BD (Bangladesh) by the Muslims goons and land grabbing syndicates.

Over thousand Hindu protesters today came down to streets before Press Club Dhaka, Bangladesh and blocked the roads for hours with a demand of to arrest of the perpetrators engaged with such nefarious and forceful land grabbing from the minority Hindus in some under the nose of Police and Administration too.

Three prime organizations namely ‘Moth Mandir and Debbottor Sampatti Raksha Committee’ and ‘ISKCON Dhaka’ and ‘Sree Sree Radha kanto Jeo Temple’ committee jointly organized the Manabbondhan (Human Chain) and Protest rally demanding the safety and security of Hindu and Buddhist Temples and immediate arrest and punishment of the land grabbers and responsible criminals without any delay.

From the Press Release it is known that the 200 years old SREE SREE RADHA KANTO JEO TEMPLE at 222 Lal Mohan Saha Street, Sutrapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh was established by one rich Hindu business man named Mathura Sha Banik in his own land for the purpose of the Seva & Puja (daily offering and services to the God deity) of his ancestral deity of SREE SREE RADHA KANTO DEV JEO, but he could not be able to register the landed property in due time in the name of Revered Deity due to his sudden death. Afterwards, his four sons Gobinda, Ananda, Moni Mohan & Nadia Chand duly registered all these 22 Cottha of land to the Deity Divine as Devettor Property on 11/09/1889 through a Deed bearing No. 2735. Form then an un-interrupted Puja has been conducting with full veneration and active participation of all concerned.

But, since 2008, some notorious Islamist groups headed by the land shark and terrorists like Hazi Islam, Sarowar Hossian Alo, Ibrahim Molla, Arif Mallu have jointly been trying to grab many Hindu Shrines and its property in Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh), old Dhaka area and adjacent places by ransacking the Hindu temples, bombing and looting of Hindu properties time and again. The perpetrators made fake deeds to capture the SREE SREE RADHA KANTO JEO TEMPLE and attacked the temple and its inmates on 11-08-2010 with bomb sword and other lethal weapons. A diary was also made then for the protection of the Temple properties and its inmates. It may be mentioned that the world famous Hindu Organization and prime Vaishnava Order ISKCON is presently looks after the premises of this complex and consequently ISKCON is also being targeted by the Muslim fundamentalist with a deadly design.

In March 2011, the land sharks threatened that Hindu Temples will not be allowed in Islamic Republic Bangladesh, and Hindus cannot be allowed for any religious program publicly henceforth. The resident Hindus and many Hindu organizations retaliated then vehemently and registered a diary for this in Ramna Model Police Station vides GD NO. 1842 dt. 28.03.2011. But the threatening is still going on and the present BD Govt rather is allowing the land shark Muslim Fundamentalists by not arresting them to stop teir designs to capture many heritage and old Hindu Shrines at Goal Ghat, Jolapur, Ranking Street, Woari and Tipu Sultan Road. It is reported that the present “Sanai Community Center” of Hazi Islam at Woari area is built after a force encroachment of Manik Ghosh Trust property. The Sankha Nidhi Temple complex of Tipu Sultan Road or the ISKCON complex at Swamibag Road are also under the scanner of these fundamental Islamic groups who want to drive away all Hindus from Bangladesh under a severe persecution and conspiracy of ethnic cleansing.

But with the protest of today, the Govt. of Bangladesh can take justified steps to protect the religious rights of non Muslim minority if they think fit to do so.

The organizers urged the International Hindu Community to support the cause to protect religious rights of the Hindus including the safety and security of Hindu Math and Mandirs.

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