Riots after Hindu temple desecrated with cow meat and green paint

Riots after Hindu temple desecrated with cow meat and green paint

April 11, 2012 : An indefinite curfew has been imposed on the Madannapet and Saidabad areas of Hyderabad, India, following the desecration of a Hindu temple on Sunday by Muslims.

The Hindu temple is located in a predominantly Muslim area. The walls were splashed with green paint, and cow meat was thrown inside.

Hindus revere cows and consider them to be sacred animals. Killing a cow is a sin in Hinduism. The attackers probably used green paint as this is the color of Islam.

The Chakra reports that, upset by the attack on their holy site, Hindu youths went out to protest. “The Muslims who are a majority in that area,” says The Chakra, “launched an offensive on the Hindus and both sides engaged in a duel of stone fight.”

Police responded, using tear gas to break up the trouble.

However, according to eyewitness reports, “the Muslims grouped themselves into a larger group and more or less occupied the main road of Saidabad armed with stones and swords.”

The desecration of the Hindu temple in Hyderabad comes only a few months after Muslims slaughtered a pregnant cow inside the grounds of a Hindu temple in Perumbavoor, a satellite town of Kochi city and a municipality in the Indian state of Kerala.

Hindu groups have demanded that the police ensure their safety.


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