Role models who helped lift up the minorities and their Human rights


The group of people who because of their physical feature , biological characters , cultural variance treated to be different from other and discriminated by dominating one just because of these are said to be minority of particular geographical area although this is completely un-human but still having a great ratio of these discrimination world wide in the name of caste , colour , sex , race, religion, ethnicity etc . Even the world 1st world war also having a front face of  religious dispute  which is started as Turkey which is Islamic religion dominating  geographical area under ottoman empire  and Russian in name of protecting the Christians which are the minorities of Turkey always interfere in that country and using the sea route  for their industrial welfare which is opposed by Germany and lead to such a disastrous War.  The minorities of different area can be framed on different basis. The broad category of minorities worldwide are racial basis like America ,Africa etc ,religion basis like in Morocco , Pakistan. Caste minority are having also  a big issue although their religion is the majority one  but still that are the groups of that religion who are discriminated and exploited.  The women population is also suffering a lot from long period but now only there are some country in which there is this problem like Pakistan etc. The  case of violence , discrimination in educational sector not properly getting their rights and privileges are the issues which leading to a great violation of human rights. The history is a great evidence of these discrimination as well the various role model who are working though out their life to uplift these minorities.

Role models and their struggle

Racial  discrimination is against individual or group which  are discriminated on the basis of their skin colour, race etc. when we are discussing about racial discrimination The one of the most famous relevant example is the American civil right movement  of America, this movement is basically to abolished the legalized racial discrimination against blacks in America .Their are several leaders who raise their voice against this in which Martin Luther king Sr. played a vital role in this movement. The martin has leaded the movement from mid 1950’s. He leaded the nonviolent coordinating committee   of Birmingham, Alabama for which he was arrested and sent to jail where he gives the Theory of non violence .  After the passage of this movement he also run a campaign to legalized the voting rights for blacks  to secure their human rights and bring them in equal status as whites . As America the south African are going through the same issue than one of leader and great social worker of south Africa is  Nelson Mandela who raise his voice against the ferocious injustice in south Africa . The south Africa system of apartheid stating a correct manifestation of Racial discrimination . Nelson Mandela bring enormous changes in south Africa and made an attempt to established the civil and social rights as all are human and all are equally privileged for human rights. He established the south African constitution ‘s protection of basic civil rights with the vision of fairness and justice with the black’s of south Africa , as he is a advocate and have great knowledge of rights and privileges.each individual deserves as  being human. The thought of completely solving the social and economic problems by these majors in steps in a short period is unrealistic, but its started a process of change in this direction as because this a very drastic change for black’s .  Nelson Mandela created a legacy to the black’s of south Africa  and his attempts intractably effected the discrimination  not only in south Africa but worldwide. The movement of Mandela against Goliath discrimination is always a remarkable change on the pages of history for the up-bringing the human rights .

Religious discrimination very commonly witnessed by several countries all over the world. Morocco is an Islamic dominating country although earlier it has colonial rule of France or other Christianity following countries, but after independence Christian are becoming the minorities group and discriminated a lot than social worker named as Brother Rachid who converts his self from Muslim to Christian started a TV shows to talk about humanities and human rights as a human which is insured to every individual. He demanded for right to change the religion , Christan has right to study the Bible in Arabic without the fear of being arrested, christens must have right to choice their way of learning in school for their children  etc. Rachid is criticized for these demands but his attempts forced the Moroccan government to bring necessary change for the welfare of Christian minorities. The Pakistan religious facing the same problem and the condition becomes worse after enforcement of accusation of blasphemy law in Pakistan.  Ayub Masih a Christian was convicted for blasphemy and awarded with capital punishment.In 2019 Naveed Amir, a Christian member of National assembly presented a bill in to amend the article 41 and 91 of Pakistani constitution which allowed non- Muslim to become the prime minister and president of Pakistan to uplift the condition of Christian and to bring the human right privileges to be treated equally.

In India although there is secularism but caste-system deeply rooted into the Indian society before the time of independence. Untouchability is a kind minority sector of a religious which are highly practiced in India , Nepal, Pakistan . In other countries  also there is concept of untouchability  like in France Cagots were historically the untouchable  group, in Japan Burakumin are the untouchable, in Yemen the Al-Akdam , in Tibet there  is group knows as Ragyabpa who are untouchable. The effect of this is still continued to linger with the generations. Mahatma Gandhi was a great humanitarian. He was a God fearing and spiritual minded person. He not only served the Nation but worked throughout his life for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society and the removal of many social and moral sections of the society and the removal of many social and moral evils. According to him God and truth are the two sides of the same coin and serving humanity is serving God. He firstly decided to bring the feeling of equality among  all for this he decided to remove this ill behaviour  with Dalits he had a fast and also named them as “Harijan” which means god child. He raised  her voice and socio-politically discrimination of threatened upper-caste hegemony over Hindu temples and challenged their entry. Along with Gandhi the one of the leader and social reformer  who himself suffered from that social evil practice  Dr.B.R. Ambeadkar. The tragedy with these minorities is that many undeserving people have derived substantial benefits  while the deserving have remained without any aid. The caste passions are aroused every now and them by clashes noisy violent demonstrations and occasional disruption of administrative machinery. According to B.R. Ambeakar the suggestion of Vivekanand “The solution of improving the condition of lower class is not in bringing down or depriving the higher the higher, but by raising the lower up, to the level of the higher”. This helped to frame the constitution in such a way which ensures privileges and rights to all. Privileges, if given without discretion , can harm the unity of the nation.

In the past women were treated as the slave as  they belongs to the weaker sex they are treated as minorities and men used to keep them under their thumb. They are denied freedom. Through the condition in the century is fast changing . women’s condition are still in miserable condition in many countries like Saudi , Pakistan , Afghanistan etc mostly Islamic dominating country. The women of these country still politically ,educationally, socially deprived from their basic Human rights to live a dignified and privileged life. In Afghanistan the women education is gradually improved and at better state these day. Zahir Shah’s worked a lot for reforming and uplifting the women education and their social status also. He focused on girls schooling and improving their skilled. He step in for women’s rights their under age marriage is one of the main cause of their backwardness. He worked in making the women’s taught new technologies, ideas and socialization of society. Another most knowing to all and youngest Nobel Prize laureate ,who is a activist of Pakistan and known for her human rights advocacy is Malala Yousafzai. She raised her voice against the Taliban. She was stood up for education of women in Pakistan and was shot by the Taliban men. She marked a power message in the history of world by her fearless and boldness. She was threatened a lot by the Taliban but still she never gave up and courageously fought  for the educational rights of women in Pakistan. She gave the message to the citizen of Pakistan   that men and women are just like the two wheels of a chariot. They are  equal in importance  and they should work together in the life. The one is not superior or inferior to other. The orthodoxy of Taliban only cut off them from the main stream of social life. Women did not like to live within the walls of their houses. They have the right to come out and show to the world their skills.


The god made all of us as human without making any discrimination so, who are we to distinct any human as on the basis caste, religion or sex. The human  rights for the minorities is one of the most biggest concern of human right declaration. The members of human rights declaration continuously working for elimination of any kind racial Racial discrimination, religious discrimination , ethnic discrimination, gender discrimination, discrimination on the basis of origin, culture , language, birth or the status. The main objective of human rights to provide freedom from all discrimination  in all areas and all sector of life and levels of education, employment , access to health facilities , housing and social services of an individual. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. As per article 1 ,2,7 and 23 universal declaration of human rights all are eligible for fair wages and equal remuneration for work of equal opportunities for everyone to be promoted. Education facilities is to ensured to all. International Convenant on economic, social and cultural rights article 2,7 and 13 states clearly that every one is equal before law and law shall prohibits any law guaranteed . International Convenant on civil and political rights article 2, 14,24 ,26 and 27 deliberately inflicting on the group condition of life calculated to bring all about its physical destruction, forcibly transferring children of the one group to another group. Convention on the elimination of all form for racial discrimination article 2,5 and 6 states each parents has the rights to bring-up their children in the cultural and regional belief they wanted to have without any fear of others. In convention on the rights of the child article 2,17,28, 329 and 30 states that the minorities has right to carry on their own educational belief and full rights to teach our children their own language. In convention against discrimination in education article 3 and 5 states clearly that every one has their own rights to priorities to choose their own rights and privileged. No doubt discrimination with minorities is an undesirable part of our society. Ignorant people have faith in something unethical which lead to several social evil practice in the society. Even educated one are also doing the same things. As these tendency we have got from our dark ages. The human rights equality can only ensured by developing our reasoning about all aspect of each and every social practice and every individual has to perform their fundamental duty to ensure other human rights.




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Article Written By-  Astha Arya