Tamil journalist gang raped and killed by Sri Lankan army

Tamil journalist gang raped and killed by Sri Lankan army

There are videotapes of Sri Lankan soldiers killing prisoners in cold blood. These tapes were broadcasted by many British news channels. These channels showed Sri Lankan Troops executing captives. Many were women in Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam uniforms. (Newsofap) Most of these captives were blindfolded, tied up raped and beaten & tortured to death.

One of these captives was a 27 year old woman named Issei Piriya She was a Journalist for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Issei unarmed was a victim of many of the senseless killings by the Sri Lankan army. She was ganged raped and killed On May 18 2009 (The Hindu) Her 6 month old daughter was also killed by the army days after (Newsofap)

The horrible part about this is the Sri Lankan government reported that the videos and killings are fake. Sri Lanka’s military have been accused of attacks against the media. These attacks continued two years after the end of the civil war. (Patranobis)

Unlawful killings of Fisherman who stray into Sri Lankan waters, war crimes, attacking media, killing civilians and prisoners in cold blood are all sign of intimidation and censorship occurring within the Sir Lankan military. It is important now in 2011 for Indian Government to Stand behind its own citizens. These citizens are practically begging them to investigate theses unacceptable crimes by the Sri Lankan military. There is so much evidence of these human rights abuses. These crimes should be addressed and the criminals must be prosecuted.

I have provided a link for anyone who is interested in seeing a video that the UK released showing the Sri Lankan Army killing unarmed civilians and journalist. I am warning you it is very graphic and disturbing though. But the video shows proof of these horrible executions.